Become A Contributor

Being a writing perfectionist, you have a great chance at your hand to become a contributor. We provide you with a platform to present your thoughts and ideas and let everyone know about you. We believe in providing quality content to our readers and have an experienced team of contributors that maintains the standards of the website. Our contributors excel in providing high-quality content and fully researching it.

It is important to create good quality content that attracts the readers and makes them visit your blogs again and again. The quality of the content is enhanced by making use of relevant videos, photos, and even some related links. The professionals will review your content, and the relevant links will be kept in the content before posting.

However, the contributors follow a fixed format for writing the content. The basic guidelines are mentioned below.

❖ A Catchy Title

The content should have a catchy title because that creates a first impression on the readers. The interest generated by the title is responsible for deciding whether the reader will read the blog or not. It must contain the primary keyword and should be engaging enough.

❖ Summary

The main idea of the content is reflected in the summary provided by you. The minimum number of characters should be 120 in the summary part and make sure that the grammar used is correct and the content has been proofread.

❖ Body

The body is the main informative area where everything is explained in detail. There should be at least 400 characters in the body and any kind of grammatical errors should be avoided. The content should be written in proper English and should allure the readers to read more. Make use of impressive photos and videos to enhance the presentation and quality of content. Ensure that you do not deviate from the kind of topics we deal in.


Some Basic Content Guidelines

There are some content guidelines that are followed by contributors to write productive content. If you wish to be a part of our contributor team then the certain set of guidelines that you will be required to follow is stated below.

  • The content should not be copied from anywhere. No copyright issues should become a hurdle in publishing content. If the content is plagiarized, we have the policy to reject the article and even block or flag you.
  • To make the information impressive, try using the listicle format and add interesting relevant links. Provide proper spacing between paragraphs to avoid any kind of chaos. This leads to losing the interest of the readers.
  • Always write unique content by collaborating your innovative thoughts and ideas with appropriate research on the content. Try to be both informative and engaging. Use tools like Grammarly to check for any grammatical mistakes.


Why choose us?

We aim to provide good quality informative content to our readers. We look for writers who can develop with us and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world. Get in touch with us through contact forms and upload your work for review. Our client reviewer team will get back to you soon!