Ct Scan Expectations: 8 Things To Consider

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During a CT scan in Chipping Norton, X-rays and computers create an image of your body in cross-section. The process of a CT scan can sometimes be exactly like looking into a loaf of bread by slicing the loaf into thin slices. In computer software, image slices are reassembled to form a multidimensional view of the inside of the body. Preparing for a CT scan is made easier with the following information. 

  • Medications: It is crucial for you to keep up with your regular medication schedule as much as possible. Before you have a CT scan in Chipping Norton, carry all the medicines prescribed by your doctor. Don’t forget to let the staff know if you have taken any medications prior to your test. 
  • Food and Beverages: It is better that you don’t eat solid foods two hours before having a CT scan of your abdomen or pelvis, or if you’ll be receiving IV contrast during your CT scan. You can drink plenty of liquids, such as water, broth, clear soup, juice, or black decaffeinated coffee or tea. If you are planning to undergo a CT scan in Chipping Norton, your doctors recommend that you consume plenty of fluids before arriving.
  • Time of arrival: It is necessary to arrive at least two hours prior to your scheduled appointment if you plan on having a CT scan of your abdomen or pelvis. You need this time to consume barium sulphate and to ensure that your gastrointestinal tract is coated with barium fluid. When you are having a scan of a body part other than the abdomen, you should arrive 30 minutes before the appointment time if you are having that type of procedure. 
  • Checking of the kidney functions: An intravenous contrast solution is required for a CT scan in Chipping Norton. All patients over 60 and patients with other medical conditions that can predispose them to kidney disease will need to have current kidney function labs within 30 days. 
  • Things to wear: It is better that you wear clothes that are comfortable for you. Jewellery or anything else that might interfere with your scan will need to be removed.
  • Diabetic patients: When you fast for two hours prior to your CT scan in Chipping Norton, please drink fruit juice if necessary while taking your insulin as prescribed.
  • Intravenous: In a CT scan, a contrast agent is often administered intravenously (IV) to patients as part of the examination. A radiologist or your doctor might choose this procedure if they believe it will improve the results of your CT scan. In that case, a technologist will insert an IV into your arm or hand prior to the CT scan. 
  • Hydration Procedure: To reduce the chance of IV contrast causing kidney impairment in patients who have abnormal kidney labs, some will require intravenous hydration. In order to accommodate this request, an appointment must be made in advance during regular business hours with the radiology department. A gentle hydration solution containing sodium bicarbonate is used before and after imaging. 

Your CT scan results won’t usually be available right away. Your CT scan in Chipping Norton will be successful if you have patience and let the machine do the work.

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