Getting Teeth Whitening At A Dental Clinic In Fairfield – All You Need To Know

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Over the past three decades, teeth whitening or bleaching has become an extremely popular dental procedure. These procedures help people whose oral health isn’t perfect. Patients with discoloured or stained teeth can regain the brightness and whiteness of their teeth with these procedures. That’s why dental experts ask patients to increase the frequencies of visits to a dental clinic in Fairfield as they grow older. 

Here’s how these procedures are carried out at a top dental clinic, Fairfield:

1. Who Needs Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening procedures are ideal for people with yellow or brownish teeth. These stains or discolouration are usually caused because of:

  • Natural aging process – As we age, the enamels on our teeth wither away, leaving our teeth at risk of losing their natural white colours. 
  • Smoking – Smokers are the number one recipients of tooth whitening procedures at the dental clinic near me. It only takes a few months of nicotine exposure for teeth to turn yellow completely.
  • Beverages – Regular consumption of beverages like coffee, caffeinated drinks (cola), tea, alcohol, etc., can make teeth lose their natural whiteness. 

People with such habits or conditions are prime candidates for tooth whitening/bleaching. 

2. How Does Teeth Whitening Work? 

The process of teeth whitening involves the deposition of bleach on the teeth’s surfaces. The bleach is made of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, and it breaks up all the stains on the teeth. Once the stains have been converted into small residues, operators at the dental clinic Fairfield wipe them off. As a result, the teeth look brighter, whiter, and more pronounced. 

3. Can Anyone Get Teeth Whitening? 

Technically, anyone can visit a dental clinic near me and request a teeth-whitening procedure. However, some teeth whitening products can cause harm to people with sensitive teeth. That’s why having an initial consultation session at a dental clinic in Fairfield is vital for all patients.

In these consultations, the dentists examine the patients’ teeth to check whether they’re fit enough to be on the receiving end of whitening products. Don’t worry – the best oral experts at a dental clinic in Fairfield can provide solutions for people with highly sensitive teeth. But, the pre-procedure consultation sessions at a dental clinic near me are vital for setting up clear frameworks on how to restore the patients’ smiles.

4. What Happens During Teeth Whitening Procedures?

At a top dental clinic in Fairfield, a standard teeth-whitening procedure will last for one-hour maximum. Dentists divide these hours into four 15-minute sessions. These procedures are typically carried out in low-light settings. However, patients whose teeth have extremely heavy and dense stains may require more time for the hydrogen or carbamide peroxide gel to settle in properly. 

Results and After-Effects:

After the teeth whitening procedure is completed, patients can leave the dental clinic near me and go on with their normal lives. The dentist may recommend some food-related restrictions, especially for patients who have gone through intensive treatments. 

The results of teeth whitening procedures typically last for one to one and a half years. But, if the patients stop smoking or consuming teeth-staining food items or beverages, they can last longer! 

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