Is Cosmetic Dentistry Stripping Our Identity?

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Living in a world where the possibility of telekinesis or telepathy is not much of a surprise. Science is an aspect which has advanced and flourished with passing time, uplifting both social and economic dimensions of the society. Medical science has surpassed the dogmatic beliefs about our own body.

Plastic surgeries, cosmetic electrotherapy, and facial modifications are no more a myth of frivolous thinking but a trend.

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the changes related to the oral parts including lips, teeth, and jaws. Long gone are the days when these were only performed by celebrities and popular individuals. These changes are open for every being who wants to make modifications in their dental area. This blog explores cosmetic dentist in Parramatta.

Yet there exist many places where these medical modifications aspect is seen from a very negative and conservative point of view. It is regarded as the act of stripping one’s identity. Often people don’t discuss it for the reason of being prey to criticism. But now it’s high time to confront the situations.

The reason can be innumerable for seeking cosmetic dentistry. Some of them are:

  • Modify the lip size and shape.
  • Change the smile pattern.
  • Whitening of the teeth.
  • Building of the teeth.
  • Lengthening and straightening of the teeth.

The above processes are not complex or costly but it requires a skilled and experienced performer. Cosmetic dentist Parramatta is known to be the best when it comes to these modifications.

It’s unjustified to say that these changes are affecting our identity in any other way. They are particularly positive proposal towards our body hygiene and looks. People with disfigured teeth structure may face problems of oral hygiene. Thus, correcting this type of misaligned teeth is helpful in cleaning and cleansing. 

Various people are interested in experimenting with their looks and appearance which is their personal choice and not a public interest. Change in lip shapes to lead in the modification in smiles is regarded as a taboo in most of the society. But if the situation is properly scrutinised, correcting your own smile and looks will you give more confidence about your personality. 

Therefore, teeth whitening and modified smiles are a very crucial part of grooming. There is no harm in caring about dental issues for any individual. At the end of the day, if you have a soothing personality, you will be able to blend into society in a more efficient way. 

‘Plastic smiles’, ‘fake appearances’- these are the terms often used by the pretentious people for those who undergo cosmetic dentistry. It’s high time they stop saying these rubbish things. It’s the 21st century for god sake, the mass thinks of going to mars and moon but wants to stay in their conservative box of thoughts.  

Cosmetic dentistry Parramatta reports high cases of lip modifications and jaw fitting to get the proper positive look. With time, we suppose the odd mass who is against this act may turn into the positive side by actually knowing about the situations which leads to these medical procedures and in no manner, it harms anyone’s identity.

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