Six Causes Of Having Wisdom Tooth

Six Causes Of Having Wisdom Tooth

We often feel a toothache and neglect it. We think that the toothache might be from a change in weather. However, it is not like that. Toothache or dental problems can turn serious if you do not take proper care. 

Lots of dentists are available in seven hills. So visit dentists seven hills and solve your problems. It is essential to consult the dentist before it is too late. However, many people suffer from wisdom teeth. It comes with severe pain, and until you pick it up, you will not be able to get relief.

Complication Of A Wisdom Teeth

Keeping wisdom teeth in your mouth can be dangerous. As soon as you realise you are experiencing tremendous pain, you should consult a dentist’s seven hills. 

  • Tooth pain: Wisdom tooth is accompanied by tooth pain. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. The gum in the backside starts to swell, and the pain subsides. This can continue for several months. The people feel extreme pain while chewing the food. Pain is because of the tooth pressing the gum during chewing. 
  • Swelling: Another cause of wisdom teeth is swelling and redness in the tooth. Due to swelling, the gum started to bleed sometimes. The pain can heat up, and the cheeks and ears can also become swollen. Due to swelling up, the tooth causes pain. The pain can teach to an extreme level. The painkiller might not solve the problem. 
  • Impacted tooth: the wisdom tooth wanted to come out. The other teeth restrict the coming out of the tooth. Hence, it creates pain. However, sometimes the pain can only feel in the molar, and there is no sign of the tooth coming out. Some people also develop cysts in the back region. 
  • Oral infection: Another cause is oral infection. It means the bacteria get trapped in the gum and cannot come out. Brushing teeth also don’t help to get rid of this problem. That is why oral infection occurs. Due to oral disease, bad breath also occurs. The common signs of the illness are a foul smell, no taste in the mouth, tenderness in the jaw, swelling, redness in the gum, etc. 
  • Cavities: Due to wisdom teeth, holes form in the teeth and bacteria start to grow. Food also gets trapped inside the cavity, and there is no space for you to brush. 
  • Shifting teeth: The worse problem with wisdom teeth is that it shifts the other teeth. It means the wisdom tooth is not getting enough space, which is why the other teeth are moving from their respective place. 

These are the common causes of wisdom teeth. As soon as you suffer from pain, consult the dentists at seven hills. It is always advisable not to neglect the problem. It is because overlooking things often makes things adverse.

People always think about removing wisdom teeth, and it is the wisest decision that one can think of. Some people intentionally remove wisdom even after not having any problems. It is because they don’t want any problems in their life later on.